Dr. Yvonne Su is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Equity Studies at York University. Dr. Su is an interdisciplinary migration and international development scholar with research expertise on forced migration, queer migration, post-disaster recovery, climate change adaptation, climate change-induced mobility, migrant remittances, and social capital. Dr. Su holds a PhD in Political Science and International Development from the University of Guelph and a Masters in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies from the University of Oxford.
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Potentials and pitfalls of social capital ties to climate change adaptation: an exploratory study of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
Ginbert Permejo Cuaton & Yvonne Su
Online publication date: 26 May 2022

$ 450,000

Disaster & Health Emergency Urban Systematic Transformation Centre, York University’s Catalyzing Interdisciplinary Research Clusters Initiative


Safe Expression: Giving Voice to LGBT Asylum Seekers amid COVID-19 in Brazil, SSHRC Connection Grant

$ 74,592

At the Edge of Safety: Comparing Responses to Venezuelan LGBT Refugees in Brazil and Colombia amid COVID-19, SSHRC Insight Development Grant

$ 24,992

SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant COVID-19 Special Initiative (September 2020 Contest), COVID-19: Displaced, Resettled and Isolated - Impact of COVID-19 on Disaster-affected Households in Resettlement Sites in Tacloban, Philippines